Talk To A Project Matchmaker

Working with a Project matchmaker is free.

Our Project Matchmakers are former agency and independent marketers who have the ability to help you with your project, talk through budgets and get you the right specialist(s) that match your needs.

  • We are your allies that you can talk to about your project before you start engaging specialists
  • We will make recommendations based on our experience of being a part of and working on projects in the same vein as yours
  • We'll help you through negotiations of fees and terms
  • We'll make recommendations not based solely on skillset but based on how you like to work 
  • We can talk to you about how individual specialists would approach your project
  • We'll ensure that the specialists we recommend are available 
  • We'll make sure that if the specialist you want isn't the right fit that we can match you with someone who is
  • We can help you build a team around your project or whatever suits your situation