i need help with permanent hiring 

The Well staff are all former marketing, communications, technology and creative specialists. We are not recruiters, we're SMEs in these fields and we'll base our talent recommendations on reputation, where the person is coming from and where they want to go. 

Put several lifetimes of marketing, communications, technology and creative experience to work for you in finding your next full-time talent. 

  • We can work with you on how the position can fit into your work chart
  • We'll get a feel for how your team works before sending you possible matches
  • We act as agents for people making their next careers moves and can introduce you to talent that you wouldn't be able to find on your own
  • Because we operate in every major market in Canada (and some U.S., European and Asian cities), we're able to locate the best people for the job and help transition them to a new city if need be.